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3 PD batteries and 3 PD cables

80.73 USD 231.01 USD
VAT Inclusive

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3 batteries

Distinctive mobile battery from Above company:

Lightweight, small size...

It has two USB ports with Qualcomm 3 technology for fast charging for Android devices

It contains a USB-C port that supports PD fast charging for iPhone devices

You can charge the battery through a USB-C or Micro USB port

3 cable

USB to Lightning Cable (iPhone)


1- Certified by Apple

2- Cut resistant fabric

3- Reinforced aluminum that is resistant to breakage and cutting

4- reinforced copper

5- High quality and safe

6- Charge the iPhone from 0% to 50% in half an hour

7-Q Lifetime warranty from the agent

80.73 USD 231.01 USD
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