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Broadlink RM pro . smart remote

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Turn your home into a smart home with the smart remote! , keeps you away from all the remote devices that you have. You can control the device whether you are inside or outside the house or anywhere in the world. You can control all the devices that have a remote control (IR): for the split air conditioner - the TV - the receiver and others . Or remote control (RF) such as car garage and smart blinds. Small size, portable and easy to use design, the device is defined in a few minutes

Advantages :

  • All devices that have a remote control that support (IR) can be controlled remotely, such as the air conditioner, TV, receiver, projector, lighting and TV Box.
  • Possibility to set a timer to turn off/on devices.

Example: Set the air conditioner to run for 3 hours and turn it off after the specified period.

  • Possibility to set a schedule and scenario for turning off/on devices.

Example: Setting the device to turn off the air conditioner at 5 am for 5 days a week, turning on the TV and receiver, and choosing channel No. 10 at the same time.

  • It features multi-directional transmission technology, which facilitates and speeds up the process of controlling the devices compared to the traditional remote control.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.
  • The ability to share control with family members, allowing you to control devices through more than one phone.
  • It has an elegant design and is light in weight and small in size.

  • The device comes with a temperature and humidity sensor (for free), which enables you to place additional commands such as: If the room temperature becomes 30 degrees Celsius, turn on the air conditioner automatically without your intervention

Question Answer:

  • Can I control any split air conditioner even if it is not smart?

You can control any air conditioner, regardless of the type of model, old or new, smart or not. It is only important that you have the remote control so that it is programmed on the smart remote control, saves the signal, and controls it from the application.

  • Can I control multiple devices with one piece?

You can control the air conditioner, TV, receiver, and others with only one device, provided that all these devices are in the same room to receive the signal.

Is there a warranty on the product?

  • Yes, one year warranty for any manufacturer defect

Other specifications:

Power source: USB cable

- WiFi Frequency: WiFi 2.4GHz

Supported systems: IOS & Android

- IR remote control distance to: 8m

Product Contents:

  • smart remote
  • USB cable
  • Instruction Manual

45.63 USD 53.73 USD
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