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Replacement, Return and Warranty Policy


In the event of any manufacturer defect or product damage:

Customers have the right to replace or return the product that contains a manufacturing defect or damage, provided that the product is packaged and in its original condition, provided that it is under warranty and is replaced for free.. The customer bears the shipping costs from the customer’s city to the city of the store and vice versa.. and a process Product inspection from 2-14 working days

In the event that the customer requests to return the amount (in the case of the product under warranty), the process of returning the amount takes 2-14 working days


If you want to exchange or return the product without any manufacturing defect:

Customers have the right to replace or return the product, provided that the product is packaged, in its original condition and unused, within 7 days from the date of receiving the product.

The refund process takes 2-14 days

Internet SIMs are not replaced or refunded unless there is a defect in the same SIMs

Security :

The warranty does not include misuse by the customer, such as:

Breaking, cutting, exposing the product to high temperatures, etc

It does not include covers, cases, protection stickers, and ring light stand

Because there is a certain limit of the endurance capacity, and its damage is from misuse

The warranty does not include all open-frequency routers due to the modification of these devices


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