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Xiaomi IMI 2019 cameras

Camera idea:

It is a camera that is connected to the Wi-Fi at home and controlled through the application available in Android and iPhone devices, and the control of the camera from anywhere via the Internet, where you can watch directly, take pictures, record the ransom, and talk to those next to the camera.

xiaomi 360 surveillance camera

1- HD 1080 . recording

2- It can be installed in the wall or ceiling.

3- A headset and a speaker and the possibility of calling and talking with the children or the person in the room.

4- Automatically switches to night mode in the dark.

5- Live broadcast, control and follow-up via mobile. (iPhone, Android, etc.)

6- The ability to add a memory card for storage.

7 - You can move the camera on the mobile at an angle of 360 degrees

40.23 USD 53.73 USD
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